Ft Worth Tex/Mex Get Together

Jan 9, 2024

In September 5-7 ’23 the NM/TX contingent had a gathering in Ft Worth,TX. The group consisted of Charlie Hooker, Don and Rosemary Mahrt, John and Kay Yount, Steve Fish and Linda Livingston, Paul and Myra Johnson and George Dietrich and Joanne Wiliams. The gathering came about as a result of discussions amongst the group, deciding that if we weren’t going to have a full up reunion, then lets have a NM/TX gathering at Ft Worth. It wasn’t intended to be a mini-reunion, just an informal “regional get together. On Tuesday afternoon, we met at the Hilton in downtown Ft Worth, had drinks and told many “truths”. We had dinner that evening at Joe T Garcia’s. We planed to have a golf game on Wed, but decided not with 102 degrees and 1000 % humidity (wimps, one and all), instead did a museum tour, followed by a visit to Billy Bob’s at the Ft. Worth stock yards. We had dinner Wed evening at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. Thursday morning we met for breakfast at the hotel, told some more “truths”, exchanged some interesting information on aches, pains and medical information, then departed for home. We all had a great time and decided to do it again next year. Any additional takers ??????