It was decided that, for privacy concerns, the 340th BG Roster would not be published in this web site. Instead, the roster will be sent out separately as it has in the past.

The 340th BG roster has been maintained by members of the 340BG and requires lots of effort and coordination to maintain (kinda like the FB avionics system) and requires 340th Bomb Group members and spouses to review and provide current roster information to the web site points of contacts. We ask that you PLEASE review your information and also review others member’s that you may know  to see if their information is correct. Please send changes to Jim Carleton (email below) and who is also listed on the CONTACT page. Jim has been maintaining the roster since Jerry Dart passed.


This page is dedicated to the memory of Jerry Dart who did a great job of maintaining the 340BG Roster for many years.